Harmonising Energy Centers


Unlock your inner power through a unique combination of exercises and specific sequences of breathwork, meditation, visualization, bioenergetic, sounding, journaling and embodied yoga movements. You will leave feeling both energized and relaxed.

Have you ever felt a frog in your throat? Agonizing heartache? Or these swoony sensations? If yes, then you have already experienced the rising energy in your energy centers.

Across the workshop, you will journey through all seven energy centers, from the root to the crown, cleanse and balance each one to strengthen your energy body. We will harmonise each center in order to cleanse outdated or destructive programming that may be in the way of enjoying our life to the fullest.

The workshop will focus more on practical elements than theory. Please bring with you: a journal and a pen, H2O, a yoga mat (if you prefer your own) and wear comfortable clothes (bring additional layer of clothing, in case you get cold).


What are energy centers?

The Sanskrit word chakra can be translated as a wheel or disk.  In the yoga tradition, the human body has seven energy centers called chakras. The chakras are a map of our inner world. When these energy centers are balanced, we experience harmony on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. However, when chakras are blocked, we stagnate and cannot enjoy our life entirely. Therefore, gaining a deep understanding of the chakra system will cleanse the channels of the body and bring greater balance to the body, mind, and life itself.


11th December

5pm - 7pm


EVOKE studio

Unit A Rowan Apartments, Seven Sisters Road, N4 1FS

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£30 (until 4th December)

£35 (after 4th December)

No cancellations available. Transfer your booking to another day, subject to availability.

After Booking: You will receive an email with all details and information.

Run by Michaela

“Hi! I am Michaela. I have been leading this project for past 7 years. I am passionate about finding out how body/movement can impact vocal projection. I am very excited to run this workshops."

Michaela is a singing/voice/movement coach. In addition to running her private studio practice, she leads two vocal projects in London, such as a vocal improvisation group, and voice and yoga classes. She earned a Master’s degree with distinction in Voice Pedagogy/Research at the University of Wales/Voice Study Centre. One of her research studies was published by Routledge in the peer-reviewed journal Voice and Speech Review. She is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and a qualified yoga teacher of RYT® 500.



"Really enjoyed the class, exactly what I need to further explore my vocal ability and to stay in tune with my body. I will be returning." - Sinead

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